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Auttie World, Inc.

Making an Autism Spectrum difference Holistically and Artistically through arts, education, and research to improve the culture and lifestyle of the Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) individual. - We feature a multicultural summer camp for K through 5th grade (depends on the maturity of the child), that is made up of a Primary Wellness Coordinator (Holistic/Alternative Counselor & Coach) and Volunteer Staff certified in teaching general education for special needs children. We also have a professional Artist that works with us for the summer camps (KY & TN).
Imagine if your child could go to a place and create the art they’ve always imagined! Auttie World, Inc. is such a place, where beginning and advanced students can work one on one to create their one-of-a-kind masterpieces.

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Summer - Fall Home Holistic Questionnaire for special needs children ages 6-12


During the Covid 19 protocols, we have implemented thru Zoom, VIRTUAL Holistic Art Camps July and August (Saturdays only).  Here is the LINK to apply. 


Please fill out the online Survey Monkey Holistic Questionnaire

Visual arts / crafts
Visual arts / crafts
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